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Instinct Style is an online boutique geared toward the fashionable woman with natural style. An "Instinct Hunny" is the girl who's outfit makes a statement about who she is and how she feels. Her style invites you in and her confidence captures you. Instinct Style Boutique provides fashionable quality that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Are you an Instinct Hunny?

Nea Mari ,   Owner

Nea Mari, Owner

Instinct Style Boutique was established in 2013 by founder and owner Nea Mari (IG: @neamari). At the age of 22 I graduated from BGSU with my Bachelors of Science in Technology and set out to pursue a job in that field, but was unable to secure employment in that area. Over the next 3 years I worked several jobs, from call centers, retail, finance, and even working the midnight shift processing paperwork for the Canadian border. No job ever fulfilled what I was looking for in my life. So from the departmental changes, firings, and layoffs, the rat race to success continued for me.

My last 9 to 5 position in Michigan was as an Underwriter for business loans, and it opened up a whole new world that I was drawn to; Entrepreneurship. Everyday I sat in front of a computer screen going over bank statements and researching businesses and backgrounds of business owners. People who had made their own dream come true. I got the behind the scenes look at businesses from start to finish and I made up in my mind, that's what I want to do. Be an entrepreneur. Then on a Friday in mid April of 2012, I was called into the HR office and was told, "Due to company restructuring we can't find a place for you, and today is your last day." I was angry but in a way relieved all at the same time. That was my turning point, and I told myself that I will no longer put my financial future in the hands of anyone else. If corporate America can just take away your job and pay for no legitimate reason, I no longer wanted to be involved.

Then Instinct Style Boutique was born. In 2013 I moved from my beloved Detroit, to Atlanta for a fresh start. Began a new 9 to 5 with only the intention of investing in myself and my dream. Since I've been here I've worked for a few different companies with various titles, but the intention is still the same.

And here I am, at 31 in 2018, slowly but surely making it happen. I encourage all my women to pursue your hearts desire and to take every setback as a push to a new beginning.

And this story is still being written...